PA DGL #1 & DGHHR #3 District Session

Pennsylvania District Session was held on August 26, 2017 at Court of Calanthe Hall, Philadelphia, PA.  Memorial Service

Memorial Hall of Fame

 DGM Leroy Lanston presents Love Token to DGMNG Joyce S. Robinson

 MHGM John Green installed the District Officers

Left to right: Mattie Hull, DGD; W. Etta Kelley, DGWT; John W. Green, MHGM; Audrey Joyner, DGWR; Lenora Gillard, DGRNG; Helen B. Scott, DGMNG. 

 MHGM Green congratulates DGM Leroy Langston

 DGM and DGMNG welcome MHGM John Green and RWGS Josephine Davis.

Sisters and Brothers at Work:


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