Area IV

Knox Enterprise #9499 participated in cleanup of historic cemetery

The brothers of Knox Enterprise #9499 of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows participated in the cleanup of a historic cemetery in the Old South neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The cemetery is called the Lutheran Cemetery. Lutheran Cemetery was first formed in 1872 when the Lutheran Benevolent Burial Society bought a 6-acre plot of land along the roadway for a burial plot, said Lillie Petit Gallagher, chairwoman of Friends of City Park and a lead organizer of the cleanup event.  The land was a site for former slaves and freed slaves burial sites prior to being purchased. Although the Lutheran Society no longer exists, community members have been charged with keeping up the sites. Many prominent African American figures from the Baton Rouge area are buried there including leaders from Southern University.  Brothers that volunteered were Noble Grand James Hart, Brother Byron Washington, and Brother Ronnie Jackson.

The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows have continued to be involved in the community both seen and unseen.  We were able to help in clearing trees, weeds, removing debris and touching up gravesites.  Knox enterprise 9499 will continue to be a part of the greater Baton Rouge community to assist wherever the need is. In Friendship Love and Truth 

Yours in the Fellowship

Byron Washington, Knox Enterprise

Area IV 20th Annual Session March 15-17, 2019 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Area IV group photo includes Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. Texas in growing. Friday prior to hospitality we initiated 3 new Brothers into Dallas Union #1940 at the Area IV Session. These brothers will be reactivating United Sons Of Liberty #1947 in Houston, TX. These Brothers made history with 3 DGM (MS, LA, TX) in attendance at their initiation and the Honorable GM John W. Green. Congratulations to these new members.

Bro. William Euell Harrison, DGM, Texas

Hospitality was provided Friday evening by the host state, Louisiana.

It was a fruitful and harmonious session led by Area Director William Martin and Co-Director Joann Farve. Regular business was conducted and Ten Standing Committee Workshops were held with reports that followed. It was a blessing to have brother Rev. William Davis, Sr. and his wife attend the session this year.

At the banquet in the evening plaques were given out and a good time was had by all. All the Louisiana style (spicy) cooking and don’t forget the “Southern Sweet Tea!”