Area I

Area I Session April 26-28, 2019, Essington, PA

The Area I Session of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows was held at the Wyndham Hilton Gardens in Essington, Pennsylvania. The Session was lead by Bro. Joseph Mathurin, Area I Director and Georgie Money, Area I Co-Director.

Bro. Joseph Mathurin, HDGM, Area I Director, Sis. Georgie Money, WGU, Area I Co-Director

Pennsylvania District hosted Friday night fellowship. Music by DJ William Morton. Several prospective candidates attended – William Morton,  Marvin Postel, Michele Baldwin and Linda Postel.  Sis Zel Cannon, PDGMNG Delaware chatted with Linda Postel. Sis Eleanor Parker was in charge welcome kits.

Area I  welcomes North Star Lodge, Syracuse, NY, Bro Malik Bey, NG, and Bro Devon Smith, PA DGMNG &DGM. 10 Area Standing Committees giving their reports. MHGM John Green giving guidance.

DGM Leroy C. Langston, and DGMNG Helen B. Scott presented a surprise thank you to Sis. Joyce S. Robinson, HPWGS, for coordinating the weekend.

During the banquet the 2019 Senior Citizen Award was presented to Mr. Charles Clarke for outstanding work helping veterans with securing benefits, representing at funeral services and visiting them at Philadelphia VA Nursing Facility. A gift was also presented to his companion, retired army nurse Betty.

The soloisist was Shelia Johnson and William Morton was the DJ.
Welcome address was given by DGRNG Lenora Gilliard.
Response to the welcome by Micha Toussiant, Toronto.
MHGM Green gave remarks.

Josephine Davis, RWGS, Helen Scott and Lenora Galliard presented skit “A visit to Integrity Anne Love House”.