Message from MHGM STONE

January 31, 2024

Greetings to all my Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Thank You Brother Paige for the 66th BMC Announcement to be held in Greensville, SC.

I am in great anticipation and is looking forward to seeing ALL you at the BMC.

I commend the Planning Committee who is already working hard to make this one of the Best BMC ever. They are putting everything in place to make it convenience and enjoyable for all.

My first desire is that you make your Hotel Reservations now. This will help us tremendously in planning the event. 

My next desire is that you send in your BMC Registrations now. We need to know who are coming so that we can accommodate you better. 

My next desire is that you send in your Delegates Credentials – signed – sealed and delivered to the HGS now. Don’t bring them – send them now and this will save precious time at the convention.

My next desire is that you send in all Propositions now. Remember all Propositions must come from the Subordinate Lodges, Households, Councils, Chambers, and Patriarchy.

I know I am full of desires. My last desire for this email is that everything be done in decency and in order. That we can come together in August to take care of Odd Fellows business and to Fellowship one with another. I encourage you to help the First Timers and each other to be able to attend the BMC.

Remember my motto, “Soaring to Higher Heights in Odd Fellowship”.


Rev. Bobby L. Stone

Most Honorable Grand Master

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