Grand Secretary

Honorable Grand Secretary



Greetings my Brothers and Sisters.

Congratulations are certainly due to the Co-chairs of our Website Committee- Sisters Anne Huffman and Doreen Van Heynegen.  Because of the astounding amount of work that these sisters have performed, you are now viewing our updated website.

I remind you of one of the most outstanding activities that our Grand Ole Order began at the 61st BMC- the awarding of a scholarship to one student from each of the five Areas within the American Jurisdiction.  The scholarship recipient is chosen by the Area but must be either a graduating senior or a first year college student.  Scholarships are awarded in August of each year.  Look for the names of our recipients on the website.

Be sure to pay your annual taxes as soon as possible if they have not already been paid.  Statements are either mailed or emailed to the Permanent Secretary/ Worthy Recorder of your Lodge or Household in late December.

The July Full Board session convened in Philadelphia on July 12, 2019. Brother Green attended and is well on the road to recovery but Brother Joe Mathurin, HDGM. presided during the business session.  Please note these two important agenda items that affect our entire membership:

Opinion: Item 18 – Sale of Odd Fellows materials

 We are aware some members are selling Odd Fellows and Household material without oral or written permission from the Committee of Management.

It is the Opinion of this Committee that the Grand Secretary will issue notifications to all members of the Order that any brother or sister who desires the vending of GUOOF materials must first receive approval from the COM.

Additionally, once approval is received from the COM, ten percent (10%) royalty is expected from all individuals or groups generating sales.

Submitted by:
William Harrison
Graham Paige
Bobby Stone
Herbert Boland

Secondly, selection of the 64th BMC site is in its final stage.  An announcement of the site and all costs involved should be forthcoming by the end of August 2019.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns related to the Order.


Graham T. Paige, HGS