Regions – GUOOF


The following are our active States: AL (one lodge), DC, DE, FL, IL, IN (HH only). KY (one lodge), LA, MD, MS, NC, NY. PA, SC, TX, VA, Active Countries, Islands: Aruba, Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Netherlands, Saint Lucia, Surinam (one lodge) AREAS FOR GUOOF  the Area Directors/ Co-Directors: 


AREA I – Joseph Mathurin, DIRECTOR and Georgie Money, CO-DIRECTOR

LOCATIONS: Delaware, New England, Canada, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania 

Area I – District Grand Masters & District Grand Most Noble Governors

New York                                    Bro. Danny Wyatt, DGM   and Sis. Sharon Joseph, DGMNG
New England & Canada            Bro. Carl Gomez, DGM* and  Sis. Hilda Bastien, DGMNG*
Delaware                                     Bro.  Keith Ash, DGM  and Sis. Teresa Ameer-Bey, DGMNG
Pennsylvania                               Bro. Leroy C. Langston, DGM and Sis. Helen Scott, DGMNG


Joseph Mathurin, Area I Director

Georgie Money, Area I Co-Director 


AREA  II – Graham Paige, DIRECTOR and Cathy McGlotten, CO-DIRECTOR

LOCATIONS: District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina 

AREA  II – District Grand Masters & District Grand Most Noble Governors
Maryland               John Green, DGM and Cathy McGlottin, DGMNG
Washington DC     Ralph Neal, DGM and Judy Harrison, DGMNG
Virginia                  Alvin Roane, DGM and L’Tanya Graham, DGMNG
North Carolina      Melvin Holden, DGM and Joanne Irby, DGMNG
South Carolina      Shawn Cannon, DGM and Elizabeth Henderson, DGMNG

Graham Paige, Area II Director

Cathy McGlotten, Area II Co-Director


AREA  III –  Derrick Stinson, DIRECTOR and Jeanette Carter, CO-DIRECTOR 

LOCATIONS: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin

AREA  III – District Grand Masters & District Grand Most Noble Governors
Illinois          Norman C. Slusher, DGM and Minnie Martin, DGMNG
Indiana        Jeanette Carter, DGMNG

Derrick Stinson, Area III DIRECTOR

Most Worthy Grand Superior, Jeannette Carter



AREA  IV: William Martin,  DIRECTOR  and Joann Farve, CO-DIRECTOR 

LOCATIONS: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee

District Grand Masters & District Grand Most Noble Governors
Alabama               Rev. Douglas Howard, DGM
Florida                  Simon Ford, DGM and Doreen Van Heynegen, DGMNG
Louisiana              Kelvin T. Gray, Sr., DGM and Alice Richard, DGMNG
Mississippi           William Martin, DGM and Marie Martin, DGMNG


William Martin. Area IV Director

Joann Farve, Area IV Co-Director




AREA  VI: Kenneth Christie, DIRECTOR and Melvina Albury and Delores Butler, CO-DIRECTORS

LOCATIONS: Bahamas, Holland, Bermuda, Surinam, Amsterdam, Netherland, Aruba, St. Lucia, Trinidad, St. Vincent

Kenneth Christie, Area VI Director

Melvina Albury, Area VI Co-Director

Delores Butler, Area VI Co-Director