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2023 Committee Of Management Officers


Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

2023 – 2024

Joseph Mathurin,  H.D.G.M.;  Rev. Bobby Stone, M.H.G.M.; Graham Paige, H.G.S.;
Rev. William Harrison, H. G. T.
Standing. Left to right: Derrick Stinson, G.A.; Gerald Ogburn, Sr. G.T.; Herbert Boland, H.G.D.; Kenneth Christie, H.G.D.;
Rev. Bobby Stone, H.G.D.; Melvin Holden, G.A.; Winston London, H.G.D.; Randolph McClain, H.G.D.;
Leroy Langston, G.T.; Kenneth Francois, G.T.; Daryl Higgs, G.A.
Absent:  Oswald Pinder, M.H.G.M.E.; James W. Hunt, Jr. M.H.G.M.E.


National Appointees

Ways And Means Brenda Dutton-Harding, Chairperson
Tony Lane, Co-Chairperson
Teresa Ameer-Bey, Co-Chairperson

Education Graham Paige, Chairperson

Public Relations Jeanette K. Stephens, Chairperson
Carolyn Roy, Co-Chairperson
Joseph Mathurin, Co-Chairperson

Legislation/State of the Order Hartwell Higgs, Chairperson
Hospitality and Social Affairs James Bordley, Chairperson
Joann Farve, Co-Chairperson

Transportation Melvin Holden, Sr., Chairperson
Vance Thorpe, Co-Chairperson

Social Services Hansella (Zel) Cannon, Chairperson
Cathy McGlotten, Co-Chairperson

Membership Joyce S. Robinson, Chairperson
Mary F. Ruffin, Co-Chairperson
Delores Butler, Co-Chairperson

Senior Citizens Sharon Joseph, Chairperson

Grand Chaplain Archdeacon I. Ranfurly Brown, Chairperson
Rev. William Harrison, Co-Chairperson
Rev. Dr. Bobby Stone, Co-Chairperson

Historian James E. Wallace, III, Chairperson
Emmanuel Page, Jr., Co-Chairperson
Anne Huffman, Co-Chairperson

Website Anne Huffman, Chairperson
Clary Glover, Co-Chairperson
Joseph Mathurin, Co-Chairperson
Jesse Lee, Co-Chairperson