Yearly Food Drive

The committee decided to reach out to other missions within the America Jurisdiction and not only in the State of Pennsylvania.

Our charity Mission 2015 is “Ranfurly Homes for Children” in Nassau, Bahamas.

“Ranfurly Home for Children started in the year 1950 after a fire.  Lady Ranfurly

Found a group of homeless children sleeping in cardboard boxes and alleys near

the burnt building.  Another building was built and in 1997 another fire destroyed

the building again.  They had to turn to their communities for support to rebuild.

The home now has the capacity to accommodate more than 45 children, ages

ranging from 5 years to 20.  The home is a haven, learning ground, and place

where warm memories take shape for boys and girls whose life circumstances

may have otherwise taken them on a very different path.

Their mission:

To provide a home for children who are displaced as a

result of family problems, who have been abandoned,

who are orphaned or whose primary care givers are


Herewith are some photos taken in the presentation of a cheque in excess of $1,000.00.

archdeacon-brown-005        archdeacon-brown-003

archdeacon-brown-002       archdeacon-brown-001


The Committee of Management has approved the National Scholarship program that awards five one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) Scholarships at the 61st. BMC of 2014 in Chicago. Information relative to this project has been distributed to the Area Chair- person and Co-chair. Such information is to be distributed within the various Districts in the jurisdiction.

The National Education Committee consisting of Bro.Graham Paige of VA (Chair person), Sis. Charlotte Chatmon of IL, Sis. Sandra Clarke of MD, Sis. Barbara Edwards of NY, Bro. Lee Frison of MS, Sis Gloria Green of MD, Sis. Wanda Hunt of VA, Bro. Randolph McClain of BH, Sis La Thornia Murph of VA, Sis. Beverly Price of LA and Sis Doreen VanHeynegen of FL, recommended that five $1,000.00 Scholarships be awarded each year using the same criteria previously approved by the Committee of Management.

The Committee also recommended that the regular National Speaking Contest be divided into two categories, namely:

1)Elementary-Middle and

2)High School and College Freshmen.

Participants will be allowed to speak on seven topics suggested by the Committee or a topic of choice with prior approval from the Committee.

It was also recommended that the prizes be awarded as follows:

First prize – $200.00

Second prize – $150.00

Third Prize – $100.00.


Congratulations to Sheba Household of Ruth No.983 Richmond, Virginia.

As of September 2014, their membership has been increased by two.

Initiated members are:

Sister Carladee Davis

Sister Sherida Davis-Bryan

Congratulations to

Bro. Wayne Rachel

For having attained the three Household degrees:




Congratulations to the Pride of Toronto Lodge No. 11994,

Toronto, Canada.

Their membership has been increased by three.

On left is newly initiated, Bro. Michael Toussaint

Centre is newly initiated Bro. Shawn Edwards

On right is re-instated Bro. Joseph White

God’s blessing to our new members.



Every year, our organization organize a “Food Drive” whereby we donate Non-perishable goods, food and monetary offers to established and recognized organization

Delivery of such is usually done at our January Sessions in the City of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania.

In the year 2013, our donations were made to “The 300 Chosen Ministry”

This year 2014, donations went to the Sunday Breakfast Mission” in the State of Pennsylvania.

Below are photographs of some of the transactions.

photo_4       photo_3

photo_5-2       photo_2-2