Most Honorable Grand Master

Most Honorable Grand Master, Rev. Bobby L. Stone

Lieutenant General Rev. Bobby L. Stone


“Soaring to Higher Heights in Odd Fellowship”

I am Brother Rev. Bobby L. Stone, and I was born in South Hill, Virginia on January 15. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Charlotte K. Stone who is a member of Harmony Household of Ruth #5430.

We have one Daughter and four Grandchildren. I am a member and Pastor of my home church, The Jerusalem Baptist Church in South Hill, VA. I retired after forty-five years in management at BGF Industries in South Hill, VA.

I joined Hayes Chapel Lodge #8123 in November of 1981 under the mentorship and leadership of the late Ned Ogburn, Henry Lewis, and Rev. James Crute. I have a love and a passion for this Grand United Order of Odd Fellows where we can come together in Friendship, Love and Truth and Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity.

This Order has given me the opportunity to serve in positions and to meet the most loving and caring people in the world. They are my brothers, and they are my sisters and yes, we are our Brothers Keeper.

Positions, Collars, and Regalia is part of our Order, but this Order is more than that. It is not about your station or office in the Order, it is more than that. It is about the Brotherly and Sisterly Love that we show each other. It is about what we can do to help our fellow man. The help the Orphans, Widows, and those less fortunate than us.

As David loved Jonathan, and Jonathan loved David! As Ruth loved Naomi, and Naomi loved Ruth! This is the Love we show in this Order. So, I invite you to be a part of us. There are so many opportunities to move up starting in your subordinate Lodge or Household.

There are seven branches in this Order for you to come to be part of: Lodges, Household, Past Grand Masters Council, Past Most Noble Governors Chamber, Patriarchy, Marching Clubs and Youth Branch.

Come and share in this Order that started over 180 years ago. Come and share your time, skills, gifts, and talents. Come and help us to restore this Order to its glory days where we can have an influencein someone life.

We need you!

Rev. Bobby L. Stone

Most Honorable Grand Master