The National Social Services Committee “Requests for 2023-2024

Greetings All GUOOF Members, 

The National Social Services Committee greets you in the matchless name of Jesus, our Christ!

GUOOF is a charitable organization and our members do countless good deeds in our neighborhoods and communities. Also, increasing our footprint and visibility in the communities may help us increase our GUOOF membership with willing and active members.

Therefore, we are inviting all Districts, Lodges and Households to INCREASE your support of your communities and report your activities to us during September 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024. We are also asking that you document each activity with one photo, if possible.

Back to school events, toys for tots, Red Cross blood drives, food baskets for the elderly and or disabled, coat drives, visiting nursing homes with puzzles and word search books, scholarship fundraisers, community cookouts, cancer, sickle cell and diabetes walks, attending church services or other charitable events as an Odd Fellow group, easter egg hunts for the children, donating cleaning materials to organizations and participating in meals on wheels program are a few suggested activities. You know the needs of your community best!

We will share the activities and pictures at the 2024 BMC in August 2024 and there may be a prize!  So, please send a description of your activity along with a picture to: or mail to: Sister Zel Cannon, 173 President Drive, Dover, DE 19901. 

Thank you in advance for stepping up and increasing your GUOOF community outreach!

In Friendship, Love & Truth,

Sis Zel Cannon, Chairperson National Social Services Committee (NSSC) & DE PDGMNG

Sis Cathy McGlotten, Co-Chair NSSC, Maryland DGMNG

Sis Lenora Guillard, NSSC member, PA DGMNG

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