EXPELLED -Brother Shawn Cannon, DGM of DGL 13-SC

Hello Brothers and Sisters, 
During a call-virtual meeting of the Committee of Management on April 5, Brother Shawn Cannon, DGM of DGL 13-SC, was expelled from the Order.  Since his expulsion, Brother Cannon has posted information on websites and FB pages pertaining to copyrights of numerous manuals and books related to the Order.  
I cannot understand or explain any actions over the years that led Brother Cannon to take the road that he has chosen to take.  MHGM Green and Members of the Committee of Management want to ensure our members that we will take all actions necessary to rectify this problem.  As an Order, I am convinced that healing and growth will result from this situation.  Please keep our Order in your prayers during these unusual times.
Fraternally, Graham Paige, HGS GUOOF in America and Jurisdiction

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